The most interesting drag race you'll see this week.

Have you ever wondered which popular taxi in India is the fastest? Well in Autocar India’s latest video we get to see the Hindustan Ambassador take on its arch-rival the Fiat 1100 in a heated drag race. Before starting the video make sure to clear your schedule as this quarter-mile run is going to take a while.

The Hindustan Ambassador is a rugged classic taxi used across India to shuttle passengers through congested city streets. These taxis must also tackle rough pothole-ridden roads on city outskirts putting an emphasis on durability. The simple Hindustan Ambassador is a favorite among taxi drivers who value its simple build and focus on durability.  The Hindustan Ambassador was built from 1958 all the way until 2014 which means there are tons of examples available along with a constant stream of spare parts.

The Ambassador used in this drag race features the more powerful 1.8-liter inline-4 which is good for about 60 horsepower (45 Kilowatts). This weak engine sends power to the rear wheels via a floor-mounted 5-speed manual transmission. On the exterior, the ambassador also features a strange wing mounted on the roof right above the windshield which is mostly for styling considering downforce isn’t a factor for a car this slow.

To compete with the Ambassador, Autocar host Cyrus Dhabhar brought along his highly modified Fiat 1100. When Cyrus lists off the incredible parts like for his Fiat that includes Group A rally engine parts you would expect this to be a very unfair fight. That is until you realize the power was raised from 30 horsepower (22 Kilowatts) stock to around 50 horsepower (37 Kilowatts). The Fiat 1100 must also content with a column-shifted transmission which isn't ideal for racing applications.

Which of these classic India Taxis is the best? Well in the case of a simple drag race the stock Hindustan Ambassador beats out the plucky Fiat 1100 by a couple of seconds.

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