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The upcoming 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor is rapidly approaching production and we cannot wait. Details about the tiny Raptor are thin at this point but a recent spy video release by TFLnow shows a few styling cues of the upcoming desert stormer. So, what can we learn from this camouflaged Ranger Raptor caught altitude testing? Let’s find out.

For starters it very clear that Ford is not messing with the current F-150 Raptor formula which has served them well for decades. The Ranger Raptor will be a smaller version of the familiar F-150 Raptor and targeted at customers who don’t have space for such a large truck.

The Ranger Raptor adopts the wide-body look of the F-150 Raptor sporting fender flares used to house a larger more aggressive wheel and tire package. The side steps used on the prototype are lifted right from the current F-150 Raptor and hint towards a smaller version of a proven formula. From there the camouflage used by Ford covers up the rest of the exterior of the truck save for a set of LED headlights that are barely visible.

One thing Ford’s camo pattern cannot hide is the overall size of the next-generation Ranger. The best part of the spy is the parking setup that puts the new F-150 Raptor right next to the 2023 Ford Rangers. The size difference is shocking, to say the least, and hints that the new Ranger won’t be much larger than the current generation truck.

We expect the new Ford Ranger and Ranger Raptor to hit showrooms in late 2022 for the 2023 model year. That gives us plenty of time to spy on the truck’s development process and get even more excited for the second model in the wildly popular Ford Raptor series.

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