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The Ford F-150 Lightning debuts on Wednesday, May 19, and the Blue Oval is already getting people excited by advertising the electric truck on social media. Someone on the Ford Lightning SVT Club Facebook group found this ad for the vehicle on Instagram. reached out to Ford to confirm the image was legitimate and not something unofficial. "Yes, it’s one of several teasers you’ll see over the next few days as we countdown to the reveal on Wednesday," Ford spokesperson Emma Bergg told us.

Ford F-150 Lightning Teaser Ad

This is a new angle to see the F-150 Lightning. At the front, you can get a glimpse of the lighting, including the strip running along the edge of the hood. Judging from the size of the cab, this appears to have a SuperCrew four-door layout. At the tip of the bed, there's a small spoiler, which lends a sporty appearance.

The image is dark and not especially sharp. However, the ride height looks rather low. This seems more like a street truck than a rugged off-roader. As a starting point, this makes sense, though. The Blue Oval can introduce a pickup with a large pool of potential buyers, and then add versions that appeal to niche groups.

The F-150 Lightning will begin production at the new Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in mid-2022. Interest is already high enough for Ford to boost the planned production by 50 percent.

There aren't many mechanical details available yet. We're expecting at least one electric motor to power each axle for all-wheel-drive capability. Ford is allegedly aiming for a 300-mile range. Although, there's some speculation that a version with a higher-capacity battery might push the number as high as 400 miles.

We will know more when the truck debuts. is planning a livestream with a pre- and post-show talking about one of the biggest vehicle premieres so far this year.

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