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The Colonial Pipeline shutdown has resulted in gasoline shortages in the southeastern United States, and people have been making the situation worse by hoarding fuel. Someone trying to stockpile gas in a Hummer H2 ended up with a burned-out wreck of an SUV when the vehicle somehow ignited.

The incident took place in Homosassa, Florida, on the morning of May 12, according to the Citrus County Chronicle. The Citrus County Fire Rescue was on the scene at 10:59 AM and quickly quelled the flames by 11:09 AM. When the fire was out, the crew found four, five-gallon gas cans with fuel in them in the rear cargo area of the Hummer.

Gallery: Hummer H2 Gasoline Fire

The photos show that the Hummer H2 is completely burnt and all of the glass is gone. The hood and front fender are off of the SUV There's no way to repair this SUV to put it back on the road. The image of the interior clearly shows the melted gas cans.

One person incurred an injury in the fire. However, this victim refused transport to the hospital against medical advice.

The Florida State Fire Marshal is investigating the fire. An official cause for the inferno is not yet available. Although, the pictures and description of the situation suggest that the 20 gallons of gasoline in the back of the SUV is at minimum a contributing factor for the Hummer being engulfed in flames.

The cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline occurred on May 7 and caused it to shut down. This led to fuel shortages and eventually people hoarding gas. Bloomberg has reported that the Colonial Pipeline Company paid around $5 million to end the ransomware attack. The business has begun restoring its computer system.

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