Remember that super cool first-gen Audi RS4 Avant transformed into a high-riding wagon by a tuning firm we talked about last month? It was featured on Matt Farah’s new YouTube series hosted by Hagerty, and during the filming, the RS4 Safari got really dirty. The car arrived “absolutely disgusting, filthy, and covered in mud from head to toe” at the AMMO studio in New York.

The detailing studio gave the lifted performance wagon a very detailed wash to bring it back to its former glory. And in this case, this means a matte green exterior color that’s been hiding under the evenly distributed mud all around the body. But that’s just the first stage of washing this dirty wagon.

The car had to be lifted and the operator jet washed the chassis, wheel arches, and suspension. A simple wash wasn’t enough, again, and a special shampoo was then applied with a large brush as mud kept coming out of everywhere. Next up, the wheels were thoroughly washed and a total of 26 pounds (11.8 kilograms) of mud was removed from them.

Once the outside was in much better condition, the driver’s side floor mat needed a good shampoo wash. Once the team was done with it, it literally looked brand new. Same thing on the door panels, pedals, and carpet. A quick window clean and the job was all done.

The before and after comparison here is absolutely amazing. At the end of the video, we get to learn the entire process of washing the RS4 took the team approximately 14 hours from A to Z. Ready for another ride in the mud? Just ask the car wash depot before you go for it.

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