German media is reporting the famous Nürburgring has been sold to billionaire Viktor Kharitonin.

Back in March we found out Capricorn Group and Getspeed acquired the Nürburgring for about €77 million but it seems that didn't last too long as senior partner Capricorn which has two-thirds in the deal is facing major financial issues and had no other way but to sell the 'Ring because it wasn't able to make the necessary payments, even though Getspeed did made the first €5 million payment.

According to business weekly Wirtschafts Woche, the Nürburgring has now been sold to Russian billionaire Viktor Kharitonin which might be considered as good news taking into account the Nürburgring might have been closed had Capricorn or Getspeed not made the necessary payments. However, it's unclear at this moment what is the new owner planning to do with the famous circuit.

The report mentions Viktor Kharitonin has already made the second and third due payment instalments for the fabled German circuit, although the latter is not due until December. "This is a positive signal for operators, customers and employees," confirmed Pietro Nuvoloni, a spokesman for the insolvency administrator. He added that a company called NR Holding AG, involving "the Russian businessman Viktor Charitonin", has indeed taken over Capricorn's two thirds shareholding.

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