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Cadillac recently teased a surprise feature included in its upcoming Blackwing models. We won’t officially find out what it is until production starts on July 5, 2021, but rumor has it that the automotive easter egg centers around the startup procedure.

As these types of things go, it’s hard to know exactly what or where the surprise could be. The best guess would probably be a Blackwing-specific animation that scans across the digital dash during startup. Both CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing vehicles will feature the same 12-inch configurable gauge cluster – a perfect spot to show off some cool animations.

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There’s a possibility that the mystery feature could also spice up the engine note during startup, although that's mostly speculation. We’ve seen this before with the McLaren 720S, which features cold-start and hot-start modes. The former is just the normal startup procedure while the latter lets out a mild rev along with an exhaust pop. Hot-start is accomplished by putting the car into its track setting before startup.

With excitement for these hot rods running high, we’d wager that customers are holding out for a special surprise. Reservations for the first 250 examples of the new Blackwing variants of the CT4-V and CT5-V sold out in minutes. Thankfully, if you didn’t get your name down for the first batch, Cadillac plans to make many more Blackwing models in the near future.

While these vehicles are tremendously capable, the American automaker says that they will be the last V-Series Cadillacs powered by internal combustion. Aside from the looming departure of piston power, we’re excited to see what startup surprises these Caddys are keeping from us.

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