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The 1960s and early 1970s were the golden age of pony cars. Among the popular muscle cars that ruled the roads then, the Plymouth Barracuda, or more affectionately known as the 'Cuda, had gained popularity among the general population.

But this Cuda up for sale on Mecum Auctions isn't any ordinary Plymouth muscle car. It's a rare one in many levels – one of the 12 Hemi Cuda Convertibles produced in 1971 (seven for the US, five for export); one of the only three examples equipped with factory A833 four-speed manual transmission; and the only Hemi Cuda Convertible that comes in Winchester Gray.

Gallery: Rare 1971 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda Up For Auction

While already one-of-a-kind based on the traits mentioned above, this particular 1971 Hemi Cuda Convertible has a story to tell that makes it even more desirable.

According to the Mecum Auctions listing, this car was exported to France for the original owner, Jean Teyssier. After two decades, it returned to the US with its original drivetrain still intact in 1993. It remained in possession of its current owner for the last two decades, complete with the original broadcast sheet, original French title, and copies of import documents. Of course, its original Hemi engine is still intact, producing 425 healthy horses.

We can't deny the homecoming story of this Hemi Cuda, but what's worth noting is that its odometer only clocked in 98,553 kilometers (61,237 miles). In case you're wondering, yes, it comes with a metric odometer since it's part of the production destined for export.

As you would have guessed and as what the headline above suggests, this storied and rare pony car is expected to fetch some amount. In fact, Mecum Auctions estimates that it can meet the hammer at $5.75 million to $6.5 million making it worthy of its main attraction designation in next week's auction. Of note, that amount is way more than the $3.5 million spent on another example in 2014.

More details about this rare Hemi Cuda Convertible can be seen via the source link below, along with additional photos.

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