Campers, trailers, and motorhomes seem to have explored in popularity over the last few years, allowing people to escape back to nature. But it seems counterproductive to visit the great outdoors in products that are actively aiding in its destruction. A German startup called Cabineer is looking to help rectify this by offering a more sustainable camper that cuts down on its environmental footprint.

Cabineer’s prototype camper is built from a natural-fiber composite that’s insulated with cork. The company couldn’t completely eliminate the use of plastic, which is needed for the composite’s resin. The eco-friendly construction does give the camper a low weight, tipping the scales at around 1,100 pounds (500 kilograms). This makes it perfect to fit on a mid-size truck chassis, like the Ford Ranger. The compact size and low weight doesn’t mean customers will have to make too many sacrifices, either.

Gallery: Cabineer Truck Camper

Its small size houses both a toilet and a shower, thanks to the camper’s hideaway equipment. The camper opens from the back, which is where the kitchen is located. It includes a fridge and dual-burner stove. Cabineer had to install a flip-up sink basin, with the faucet doubling as the outdoor shower sprayer. Future models will feature a built-in floor drain. A dinette area seats four but can convert into a small bed for a single adult or two children. The double bed is housed in the pop-up roof, which is capable of sleeping up to three adults.

The compact size isn’t short of modern features, with Cabineer offering a 100-amp-hour battery that’s supplied by two solar panels. The camper also includes a 100-liter (26-gallon) freshwater tank and a 50-liter (13-gallon) gray water tank. Storage areas are hidden throughout the interior, like under the bed. Pricing starts at €45,000 ($54,000 at current exchange rates), with a fully equipped one costing €84,000 ($100,800).

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