For many semi-truck drivers, the cab serves both as a home and as an office. That dual purpose often means there are compromises, but Mercedes is trying to counter that with its Actros Edition 2. Mercedes announced the new Actros generation last September, including the Edition 2 model, though the company is just now beginning deliveries of the luxury lorry.

The German automaker plans to build just 400 examples of the Actros Edition 2, with the first arriving soon with its owner. The company offers around 40 additional options for owners to choose from, providing a range of customizability usually reserved for Mercedes’ consumer models. Okay, maybe it’s not that extreme. The company doesn’t give a full rundown of what’s available, but details about the first Edition 2 does provide an idea of what’s offered. The truck comes with nappa leather on the instrument panel and door handles, carbon-fiber trim, and a roof hatch with ambient lighting.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz Actros Edition 2

Exterior touches include star-patterned side-wall decals, “Edition 2” branded on the painted sun visor, four additional LED headlamps above the windshield, stainless steel entrance steps, stainless steel axle caps, and more. Mercedes’ three-pointed star is trimmed in black, and it’s illuminated, while the grille sports dark chrome decorative elements. The dark theme carries over the darkened headlamp surrounds, too

Mercedes is offering the Edition 2 in two- and three-axle variants with both the GigaSpace and BigSpace cabs in right-and left-hand drive. Standard features include the Comfort Package that includes a shaving mirror, LED ambient lighting, and a refrigerator. A Sight Package adds bi-xenon headlights and an electric sunblind, while the Media Package upgrades the sound system and increase the number of charging ports. Living on the road is tough, but those who do it, at least in Europe, could bring a bit of luxury along with them.   

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