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Japanese body kit maker DAMD has a thing for whimsical designs whether it's a Batman-inspired Mazda MX-5 Miata or these new parts of the Diahatsu Taft. The company calls them the Little D and the 80's.

Given its eyebrow-raising name, let's start with the Little D. The concept is to make the boxy Taft look like a tiny Land Rover Defender, hence the name Little D.

Gallery: DAMD Daihatsu Taft Little D And 80's

The major changes are the new grille, bumper, and hood cover that follow the design of the classic, British off-roader. Letters spell out "LITTLE D" across the edge of the hood similar to the way Land Rover brands its vehicles. There's even a smaller, oval-shaped green badge that evokes the LR emblem but says Little D on the inside.

Along the side, DAMD offers a decal that shows the British Union Jack and the message "Adventure of a Lifetime." The image of what appears to be a miniature pinscher dog is next to the words.

A roof rack is also available, and it has wood accents.

Inside, the company offers green plaid fabric on the seats with black vinyl edges for the chairs. Gray and Royal Red colors of this pattern are also available.

The 80's kit for the Taft evokes the styling of 1980s Toyota trucks and pickups with their vibrant stripes along the side. The kit includes a new grille, bumper, and hood cover that looks similar to the  60- and 70-series generations of the Toyota Land Cruiser. The roof rack from the Little D is available as an option. The same interior upholstery choices are available, too.

If you like the look of the Little D but would prefer the appearance on a more rugged vehicle, DAMD introduced a kit with the same name for the Suzuki Jimny last year. The Defender-inspired styling was a good fit for the little, Japanese SUV.

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