Swedish magazine Teknikens Värld has posted a new video about the Honda CR-V and its four-wheel-drive system. The publication claims the Japanese SUV acts more like a FWD than an AWD vehicle.

Last year the Swedish journalists tested the all-wheel-drive system of the model for the first time and it failed to drive uphill when the traction was poor. Honda then explained this was a built-in functionality to spare the mechanical parts of the system. Shortly after, the company offered all their customers in Sweden a software update to eliminate the problem.

The same test was performed again with the 2015 CR-V and it seems the problem is back again. The SUV was once again not able to climb uphill when the front wheels have no friction. Just for comparison, Teknikens Värld performed the same test with the Ford Kuga and it took only around 1/8 of a spin for the system to send the power from the front to the rear wheels.

Honda responded that “in real conditions, regardless of the surface, there is a certain amount of friction always available for both front and rear wheels” and “the AWD system benefits therefore torque between front and rear wheels in order to achieve optimal driving force”. The Japanese producer also says that “in real conditions a scenario like the roll test with such a high difference in grip between the front and the rear wheels is highly unlikely”.

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