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Update: It seems like the original uploader of the video has disabled its embed function. To watch the video of the Bronco Sport's effortless crawl at Hell's Gate, visit Vaugn Gittin Jr.'s profile via the source link at the bottom of this story.

Being associate with the Ford Escape urban crossover isn't working well for the Ford Bronco Sport. Some say it's not a real Bronco, while others point out that it isn't worthy of the name. That's despite having off-road technologies such as a standard all-wheel-drive system, the GOAT (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain) Modes, and a trick rear-drive unit with a differential lock function.

The smaller version of the returning Ford Bronco nameplate does have a lot to prove to its naysayers, and this video posted by professional drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. on Facebook might be the perfect answer.

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According to Gittin's post, the man behind the wheel of his Bronco Sport was Loren Healy – a very popular name in the off-roading community. As you can see in the video (follow the source link below), Healy conquered Hell's Gate like it was a walk in the park. This could be the most effortless Hell's Gate climb we've ever seen, we reckon.

If you're wondering whether this Bronco Sport is modified or not, Grittin said in the comments section of his social media post that it's practically stock, except for the tires and wheels (Centerline Pangea). Just goes to show that with a capable vehicle combined with a very skilled driver, nothing's impossible – even for an SUV as humble as the Bronco Sport.

This isn't the first time that we've seen the Bronco Sport visit Hell's Revenge. It had an excursion in Utah last year, though it wasn't as effortless as this climb with Healy behind the wheel.

Of course, the feat above isn't stopping naysayers from speaking their minds against the smaller Bronco. But with the high demand for the Bronco Sport seen since the start of the year and the remarkable IIHS TSP Plus rating it earned recently, we'd like to think that the Bronco Sport doesn't have anything to prove to its buyers.

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