Audi has announced the next generation A8 will be available as a fully autonomous vehicle.

Back in January we heard a rumor about the next Audi A8 getting an autonomous driving system and that rumor has now been confirmed by Audi's Head of Product and Technology Communications. Talking to Motoring, Stefan Moser said Audi has plans to introduce the world's first self-driving car with a system that will "always be better than human beings" since it won't be "phoning, not looking at pretty girls, no distractions."

This news of a fully autonomous vehicle from Audi comes only a few days after the company demonstrated the RS7 piloted driving concept at Hockenheim where the vehicle reached "racing speed" and lapped the circuit in a little over two minutes. The system which will be used in the new A8 will rely on more advanced cameras working together with lasers and additional sensors since according to Moser an autonomous car "must work everywhere" not just on an enclosed track where there's no traffic.

The next generation Audi A8 will be revealed towards the end of 2016 and is programmed to go on sale in 2017 with a design which will be derived from the upcoming concept set to be introduced next month at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

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