It's no secret that automakers keep a very close eye on their competition. By that, we mean it's common practice for manufacturers to purchase competitive vehicles and put them through the wringer as a benchmark for their own in-development models. As such, it shouldn't be a surprise to find the king of internal-combustion pickup trucks prowling the playground of the current king of electric power.

We're given a glimpse of this courtesy of Gabeincal on YouTube, thanks to some impressive drone footage of Tesla's sprawling plant in Fremont, California. We assume this YouTuber has some connection with Tesla, as one doesn't simply fly a drone over such a facility without recourse, never mind flying over a test track normally hidden behind walls. That's what we see in this video starting at the 1:19 mark, passing from a parking lot to a wide-open space where the Ram TRX is parked and as obvious as a pimple on prom night.

The drone ultimately makes three passes over this area, which also features a pop-up tent in the middle with a few people milling about. None seem concerned about the drone's presence, further confirming our theory that this is no accidental discovery. A closer look at the TRX reveals all kinds of test gear on the truck, with the most obvious being thick wire looms connecting to the wheels. We also see devices of some kind mounted behind each wheel, and the bed appears to have a bunch of gear strapped down. No doubt Tesla is keen to gauge the full potential of the TRX as development of the Cybertruck continues.

Ram TRX At Tesla Factory

Speaking of which, the video captures no secret Cybertruck test vehicles during its 11-minute aerial tour. The bonkers pickup still hasn't been revealed in production form despite Elon Musk's continual tweets of it coming "soon." When the edgy truck shook the world with its late 2019 debut, Musk promised a $39,900 entry-level Cybertruck for buyers by the end of 2021. Taking a look at our calendar reminds us that deadline is approaching very fast.

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