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We know the new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is coming. We've seen countless spy photos and video, and the rumor mill for all things Corvette seems to update itself on a weekly basis. We keep track of the chatter and try to filter out the likely tidbits from those on the wild side. The crew at have been very reliable in the past, and there's little reason to doubt the accuracy of this recent claim.

What's the claim? In short, the Corvette plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky is allegedly gearing up to build the hotly anticipated Z06 on the assembly line. Pre-production for prototypes is said to kick off this week, though the forum post is rather coy on specifically calling it the Z06. The models are referred to by the code N50, reportedly standing for the 2022 model year (N) and pre-production model (50). But let's be honest – at this stage of Corvette evolution, there's really nothing else it could be.

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It should be noted that we are still talking about prototypes here. Yes, Z06 prototypes have been running around the country for ages, but figuring out how to build these cars on the assembly line is also part of the development process. We know the Z06 has a wider track compared to the Stingray, so among other things, ensuring there's actually room to build them will be part of the pre-production process.

We also know the Z06 will wield a completely different engine versus the Stingray. It will feature a road-going version of the high-revving DOHC V8 used in the C8.R race car. There's still some debate on specifics like displacement and power, but it should be naturally aspirated and we expect it to exceed 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts). As for that wider stance, we've also confirmed that it will wield steamroller-spec 345/25-series tires at the back. There are just a handful of supercars in the world with production tires that wide, so the Z06 will join an exclusive group when it goes on sale.

If this pre-production rumor is true, we could be weeks away from a Z06 reveal despite a report claiming a debut would happen in July.

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