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The first-generation Ford GT is one of the coveted sports cars from the Blue Oval. Harkening back to the legendary and original GT40, the new GT is a reinterpretation of the esteem that the historic race car had. But getting your hands on one these days can be incredibly pricey, with used low-mileage examples we've seen on duPont selling north of 300 grand.

Fret not, we've spotted one listed on Copart that's likely the most affordable used 2005 Ford GT that's for sale. There's just one issue, though, as you can see from the images below: this Ford GT needs a little work.

Gallery: 2005 Ford GT Listed On Copart

As you can see, this Ford GT is hardly recognizable, but we're sure the folks over at Copart won't lie about it. In fact, details about the unit are declared in the listing. Before it got burned to the ground, this GT used to be black. It had the original supercharged 5.4-liter engine, but we think it's still there within the rubble.

One major issue though is that the keys for this unit are missing at this point, so you will have to find the help of a Ford dealership to get it started. The great thing about this unit is that two of its original wheels are still there. Nice.

Interested? The listing said that it's an upcoming lot, so you might want to bookmark that Copart page to get an update about the exact date of bidding. The listing website also offers inspection service, condition report, and EpicVin report with these cars, so that's an option for you for this rare sports car.

Don't forget to bid smart for this, okay?

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