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One of the best things that you can do while inside your car is to jam to your favorite music. May it be jazz, rock, pop, or even heavy metal, cranking your volume up to bearable maximum levels can be a hoot.

But it seems like that isn't an option or at least not recommended in the latest models of Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain. According to a technical service bulletin (TSB) released by GM and picked up GM Authority, the window systems of these models might not withstand loud music, causing them to lower voluntarily.

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According to the TSB, the power window motors of the select 2018-2021 GM crossovers may lose their memory function due to the excessive bass coming from the speakers, which can cause vibrations. When that happens, the windows might drop a quarter of an inch by themselves and an "Open Then Close Driver Window" message may appear on the gauge cluster.

As a TSB, the fault isn't necessarily a safety risk so it isn't classified as a recall but can cause some annoyance. Unwanted outside elements may enter the cabin because of the open windows, something that isn't exactly pleasant while you're singing your heart out to your favorite music.

The TSB provides instructions on how a technician can address the issue, which can be resolved by simply installing foam in between the window motor and inner door panel to absorb the vibrations coming from the speakers.

GM will notify affected owners about the said issue so they can bring in their vehicles for repairs. If you're among the affected owners, you might want to control your speaker volume – at least until a proper fix comes to your vehicle.

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