There are many pairings in life that everyone accepts without question. While you may think of peanut butter and jelly or butter and popcorn, the Chevrolet C10 is a tried and true weapon when paired with go-fast drag racing components.

While any form of motorsport is bound to get expensive in a hurry, Traxxas recently released an R/C version of a drag-spec C10. The latest offering from the industry giant sits on the underpinnings of the popular and long-running Slash stadium truck. Traxxas hasn't shared specs or pricing for its radio-controlled C10 yet.

Gallery: Traxxas Chevy C10

Along with strong components, the vehicle features all of the big-tire accoutrement you’d see from a drag-prepped C10. Whether it’s the ultra-wide Mickey Thompson ET drag slicks, or the adjustable wheelie bar at the back, this thing is ready to devour any stretch of tarmac. The package also includes more industry staples including skinny wheels up front, a new aggro body kit, and a high-rake suspension setup – the vehicle sits low at the front and higher at the back.

This little guy is Traxxas’ first foray into making a factory R/C drag car. Enthusiasts have been modifying the Slash platform to go drag racing for quite a while now, but factory support means this new package is bound to be bulletproof reliable for continuous fun – nullifying the off chance of completely ruining your hot rod when the modifications go wrong.

Buyers will have six different color options to choose from including black, white, red, green, blue, and purple. Details remain sparse, but the Traxxas C10 appears to be a solid package that looks fast and has the grunt to back it up.

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