Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas has made a prediction about autonomous cars which will start penetrating the market in 2026.

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas has made a prediction about autonomous cars.

He believes fully autonomous vehicles will begin penetrating the market around 2026 and twenty years later we will all be passengers in our own cars. According to his estimations, Jonas believes self-driving cars will bring a "$5.6 trillion in economic savings globally."

Until 2026, Morgan Stanley predicts automakers will slowly but surely start introducing autonomous cars but still driver-controllable in case something goes wrong since the infrastructure for such cars won't be ready anytime soon.

Market research firm Navigant Research says that by 2035 sales of driverless cars will hit $95.4 million annually, representing three quarters of all light-duty vehicle sales. Another report issued by research firm ABI Research predicts 50 percent of all new cars will be autonomous by 2032.

Automakers are already making progresses in this domain, with the recent example being Audi and its RS7 piloted driving concept which will be demonstrated on Sunday at Hockenheim during the DTM season finale. Nissan has already announced plans for "multiple, commercially-viable autonomous drive vehicles by 2020", while Cadillac has promised to launch a semi-autonomous driving system in 2016. Let's not forget about Mercedes-Benz’s Future Truck 2025 concept and Tesla's plan to have fully-autonomous cars in 5-6 years.

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