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Have you got 40 minutes of your time? Yes? Good. Sit back, grab a bottle of beer and some chips as we go through this incredibly cinematic video of a Ford Focus RS getting pampered by Rad Garage on YouTube. It's a Sunday anyway so maybe this is a good way for you to spend nearly 3 percent of your day before going to work tomorrow.

What we have here is a red Focus RS – not just an ordinary one but a Focus RS Mountune example. Rick from Rad Garage is out to give the hatchback a spa day and here's a good 40+ minutes of the entire process.

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What we love about this video was the incredible details and on each of the parts that there were being cleaned. Starting off with the wheels and then the engine compartment, then through the jambs and even the exhaust tips, Rick had to go through each of them with incredible precision and of course with a wide variety of brushes.

Another thing is the ASMR touches employed on each process, further enhancing the viewing pleasure for something that's as mundane as cleaning a vehicle.

According to Rick, he spent a total of 18 hours to detail this Focus RS inside and out. That includes polishing, ceramic coating courtesy of Devil's Blood, and black trim reconditioning.

The result, is of course, outstanding and we commend Rick for this hard work – both in detailing and with video editing considering the 500+ clips that he had to go through. Granted, this car wasn't as filthy as the fur-riddled Ford Escape that we've seen before or the dust-covered Cadillac Escalade, but this is still one good example of masterful workmanship.

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