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Two V8 motors with the same 6.2-liter displacement – that's what we have in this drag race story. But they're totally different vehicles. One's a mid-engine sports car that has gained admiration among enthusiasts and American car buyers alike with its naturally aspirated powertrain and quick gearbox. The contender, however, is a three-row SUV that weighs almost twice as the sports coupe.

We're talking about the Chevy Corvette C8 and the 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat, which meet each other in a drag race courtesy of Hennessey Performance.

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Despite the weight disadvantage, the Durango has things going for it. It has an all-wheel drivetrain and its 6.2L Hellcat V8 is supercharged, producing 710 horsepower (529 kilowatts) and 645 pound-feet (875 newton-meters) – numbers that are way beyond what the rear-driven Corvette makes.

Did the massive power gap offset the weight advantage of the 'Vette? In a stock versus stock comparison, it sure did, and you can see in the video how the Durango was able to anchor itself to the road at the line because of its all-paw launch.

While the straight-line race wasn't exactly measured in terms of distance, it's important to note that the Corvette caught up with the SUV at around 125 to 130 mile-per-hour (209 kilometer-per-hour) mark. That isn't a surprise, actually, and we've seen the Durango SRT Hellcat destroy a Mustang Shelby GT500 before at the starting line only to see the Shelby catching up midway into the sprint.

This might be the last of the Durango SRT Hellcat races from Hennessey Performance, though. The Texas tuner is about to give the incredible SUV an HPE1000 performance upgrade, which will the first for this vehicle. When that happens, we'll surely see the crazy family-hauler lead the entire time – whether against the Shelby or the Corvette.

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