A brand new LaFerrari painted in Nero (black) has been photographed on the streets of Monaco.

Ferrari is making only 499 units of their latest flagship model and among the famous buyers we mention Jamiroquai's Jay Kay, Cristiano Ronaldo, Chris Evans, Samuel Eto'o and Van Halen's Sammy Hagar. It seems another name has been added to this list as the sinister LaFerrari seen here painted in black with red accents is rumored to belong to Felipe Massa, former Scuderia Ferrari F1 driver and currently running for Williams Martini Racing.

If the car does indeed belong to Felipe Massa, needless to say he wasn't one of the customers willing to pay an additional €1.25 million to get the vehicle quicker. Since he knows his way around a circuit, maybe the Brazilian driver will be interested in purchasing next year's LaFerrari XX which has allegedly lapped the 'Ring in 6:35.

Black LaFerrari rumored to belong to Felipe Massa spotted in Monaco