Alfa Romeo will abandon its Giorgio platform that is currently underneath the Giulia and Stelvio. Some future Alfas will adopt the "STLA large" underpinnings, according to brand CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato, Automotive News Europe reports. The company will also delay two upcoming models.

Imparato wants all future Alfa Romeo models to offer some form of electrification, including plug-in hybrids. "If you are not electrified, you are dead," the CEO said.

Either in late 2021 or 2022, Stellantis will publish a five-year plan for all of its brands, including Alfa. This info will provide a better idea about what the Italian premium marque is planning for the future.

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Imparato also re-confirmed that Alfa was delaying the launch of the Tonale crossover by three months. This means the model isn't arriving until early 2022 before going on sale that summer. This is allegedly because he wants improvements to the plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Leaked images of the production-spec Tonale (above) show that it has a distinct resemblance to the earlier concept. There are small changes like bigger headlights and a rounder shape for the lower fascia. The taillights are larger, too.

The brand is working on an even smaller crossover to fit below the Tonale, too. It reportedly goes by the name Brennero and arrives in 2023. There aren't many details yet, but the model would allegedly be available with hybrid and EV powertrains. Stellantis would build it in Poland with Jeep and Fiat models on the same underpinnings. The others are probably the successors to the Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade.

Stellantis has decided to focus on making Alfa Romeo more competitive in the United States, rather than attempting to re-introduce Peugeot to America. The company believes it is better to focus on existing brands, rather than try to launch new ones.

Internally, Stellantis is reportedly considering DS, Lancia, and Alfa Romeo as three premium brands that would work together to develop future vehicles. They would have powertrains and technologies that wouldn't be available in more mainstream products from the giant automaker. The first of these models arrive in 2024.

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