Toyota has quietly unveiled their new Ponam-31 in Japan.

Described as a "sports utility cruiser," the boat has an aluminum alloy hull which "helps to greatly reduce the reverberations and noise generated by wave impacts." The model also has a rear deck rail that "evokes the look of an automotive spoiler."

The cabin is a little tight but comes nicely equipped with a dining table and elegant wood trim. The boat also has a flybridge which resides over the cabin and has a secondary cockpit and seating for up to five people.

Power is provided by two turbocharged 3.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engines that derived from the one used in the Land Cruiser Prado. Toyota says they have been "specially tuned for marine applications" and each produce 260 PS (191 kW).

The company is only expecting to sell 15 units annually and pricing starts at ¥29,700,000 ($276,580 / €218,215 / £172,130).

Toyota introduces their Ponam-31 boat in Japan [video]