Jeep took a curious path with its next-generation Grand Cherokee. For starters, a three-row version finally entered the scene as the Grand Cherokee L, a vehicle that arguably should've joined Jeep's lineup years ago. It debuted in January, but the standard two-row version stayed under wraps. That's because it won't be a carbon copy minus a set of seats, and this new spy video reminds us of that.

Captured recently by the folks at TFLnow, this video shows both Grand Cherokees together, though they aren't cruising the Colorado mountains as a fleet. The larger Grand Cherokee L is actually towing a standard Grand Cherokee prototype. That shouldn't be a problem for the SUV, as even with the smaller V6 engine it's rated to pull 6,200 pounds. With the optional 5.7-liter Hemi V8 it can tow 7,200 pounds, but our interest here isn't the Grand Cherokee L.

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For that matter, it's not so much with the prototype either, as the video doesn't give us a close look. We can see the different front fascia with its angled intakes, not to mention the shorter backside. Judging by the wheels we'd say this isn't the 4xe plug-in hybrid test vehicle that was also recently spotted in the area. Frankly, we're more interested in knowing why it's on a U-Haul trailer. Perhaps there's some trouble in paradise for this Grand Cherokee prototype?

The video mentions Jeep conducting towing tests in the mountains, but it seems an automaker would have its own trailers for such things. Beyond that, towing tests usually involve ballast as opposed to an actual vehicle, lest an accident occurs that could damage two cars instead of one. That being said, how many people rent a U-Haul trailer to go pick up a vehicle somewhere? If you want a real-world test – especially for car enthusiasts always looking for project cars – you can't get more real-world than this.

Still, we reckon something happened with the five-passenger Grand Cherokee test vehicle that couldn't be fixed in the wild. It's seen entering the highway, presumably headed east to the Motor City. That's all part of the development process, but let's hope all the issues are ironed out before it goes on sale for the 2022 model year.

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