Alpha Motors is a new company setting its sights on the growing EV market. Late last year, the company revealed a retro-looking coupe called the Ace, which was just the beginning of its product rollout. The company has introduced two more models, and today, there’s yet another. It’s called the Wolf Plus, an all-electric pickup that adds seats and doors for added versatility to the regular two-door Wolf the company revealed last month.

The truck is still small, measuring 203 inches (5,150 millimeters) long while sporting a 5.4-foot (1,652 mm) truck bed and seating for four people. The company says the pickup will offer 250-275 miles (402-437 kilometers) of range, with power coming from either a dual-motor four-wheel-drive setup or a single-motor rear-wheel-drive one. It’ll hit 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in 5.9 seconds, which isn’t impressive for an EV, though plenty quick for everyday driving. It has a 6,724-pound (3,050-kilogram) towing capacity.

Gallery: Alpha Wolf Plus

The truck’s styling is surprisingly minimalistic inside and out. The trunk isn’t over-styled, sporting simple design lines. The wide fender flares and big, chunky tires give it a rugged appearance, though the truck keeps the brand’s retro-oriented theme. The inside is surprisingly minimalistic, with two screens sitting on the flat dash – one for the instrument cluster and the other for the infotainment display. The only noticeable switchgear is on the steering wheels.

Alpha doesn’t provide specifics about the truck’s accessories, but photos show a roof-top basket, an extra-long bed extender, a solar panel that fits in the bed, and a massive tent covering the truck bed and extending out behind the pickup truck. The company is taking reservations for the Wolf Plus, Wolf, and other vehicles it’s offering, though there’s no indicator when they’ll enter production. Alpha Motors targets a $40,000-$48,000 starting price, which puts it right above the regular Wolf that’s estimated to start at $36,000.

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