The Toyota Supra is a hugely popular car amongst enthusiasts. Aside from its cinematic stardom in the Fast and Furious movies, the Japanese sports car has been a fantastic springboard for many in the aftermarket JDM industry. This body kit teased by Avante Design puts a unique twist on the Mk5 Supra’s factory aesthetic.

Before Avante even touched the Toyota, they started off by looking at the JDM community for inspiration. As the Supra is such a popular vehicle within that circle, the design team wanted to ensure that the kit looked OEM while simultaneously capturing the essence of the meetups and camaraderie among enthusiasts.

Gallery: Avante Design Toyota Supra

Starting at the front, the newly massaged fascia features a wide-open front bumper, which slashes the three factory vents at the front into one massive scoop. Also new is a bigger front splitter flanked by a set of aero flicks on the leading edges of the front bumper. Sure, the splitter isn’t anything groundbreaking when it comes to the aftermarket game, but it’s supported by bigger vents between the headlights and the bumper.

While the rear of the vehicle appears to be largely unaltered, it would be impossible not to talk about the louvers that cover the rear window or the massive rear wing. A clear nod to the Supra’s of old, Avante Design modernized the classic design element by adding clear acrylic to improve visibility. The kit also moves an auxiliary brake light to the bottom of the rear window dressing.

The redesign is still just a concept, but these renders showcase the stage two kit in yellow and the stage three kit in red. Avante Design says that they have received an unprecedented amount of interest regarding availability, so we’d wager that there’s a strong chance that these items could go into production. 

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