The Ares Design Panther made its debut two years ago and it’s already getting a light refresh for the new model year. As a reminder, officially known as the Panther ProgettoUno, the Italian supercar is a modern take on the DeTomaso Pantera based on the Lamborghini Huracan. But it’s actually much more than just that.

For 2021, the Panther gets a new gearbox. Dubbed the Leva Cambio Manuale Elettroattuata, or an electro-actuated manual gearbox, it works like a sequential gearbox but with a more traditional H-shaped gear pattern. That’s a bit deceiving though, as the transmission creates the feeling of a manual gearbox as the actuators work in parallel with the gear selector switches, mounted behind the steering wheel.

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Another significant upgrade is the revised exhaust system which has three modes - Corsa, Strada, and Pista. The cross-shaped exhaust system not only generates a more throaty sound but also optimizes the exhaust gases flow while they are leaving the engine. On the outside, the Panther gets a set of new and lighter wheels made from billet aluminum, now measuring 21 inches.

“We always put our customers' experiences at the heart of our cars, which is why we continue to refine the experience,” Ares Design tech director Andrea Donati comments. “We are very happy with the updates to the car; the new gearbox gives the driver the option of enjoying what is essentially a manual driving experience with all the thrill of driving a supercar, while the upgrade to the exhaust will produce a thrilling performance sound which can be dialled up or down as the driver wishes.”

In a previous release, Ares Design said it will produce just 21 examples of the supercar, down significantly from the originally announced 70 units. There’s no update on that regard, though the company says it will charge €334,900 (approximately $404,000 at the current exchange rates) for the car before VAT and without the price of the donor car.

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