Tesla Motors has taken the wraps off the range-topping Model S P85D which brings a wide array of massive improvements.

First and foremost, the vehicle now has an all-wheel drive arrangement thanks to a dual electric motor configuration after installing a 211 bhp front motor which works together with the 470 bhp rear one in order to enable the high-performance Model S pack a combined output of 691 bhp (515 kW) and 687 lb-ft (930 Nm), with 221 bhp & 244 lb-ft at the front and 470 bhp & 443 lb-ft in the back. Thanks to this hardware arrangement, the vehicle needs only 3.2 seconds for the 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) run which makes it a full second quicker than the previous P85 flagship variant.

The quarter mile is achieved in 11.8 seconds while the top speeds stands at an impressive 155 mph (250 km/h) whereas the P85 can't go beyond 130 mph (210 km/h). Aside from being significantly more powerful and quicker than the P85, this all-wheel drive also provides an extra 10 miles (16 km) of range which means it now can do 275 miles (443 km) before running out of juice.

Adding the front electric motor has increased the car's weight by 291 lbs (132 kg) to 4,936 lbs (2,239 kg) distributed 50:50. There aren't any significant visual differences as Tesla Motors only added red brake calipers and a badge at the back.

Besides the P85D, Tesla Motors has also announced lesser versions in the form of a 60D and 85D which get a 188 bhp electric motor installed on both front and rear axles. The first one runs the sprint in 5.7 seconds (0.2s quicker than the rear-wheel drive version) while the other does it in 5.2 seconds (0.2s faster). The 60D runs the quarter mile in 14 seconds (-0.2s) while the 85D does it in 13.5 seconds (-0.2s). Top speed stands at 125 mph (+5 mph) for the 60D and at 155 mph (+30 mph) for the 85D.

As far as range is concerned, the 60D will do 225 miles (+10 miles) while the 85D can travel for up to 295 miles (+10 miles). As expected, weight of both versions has increased by 176 lbs to 4,597 lbs (60D) and 4,824 lbs (85D). Despite being more powerful and heavier, the cars have a higher range which has increased by 10 miles to 225 miles (362 km) in the 60D and to 295 miles (475 km) in the 85D.

Aside from introducing these three new all-wheel drive models, Tesla Motors has also announced a semi-autonomous driving system which uses optical cameras to scan the road up ahead. It also has a 360-degree sonar to detect traffic and barricades and will come to a full stop if the traffic in front slows down completely.

As a final note, Elon Musk says that we should expect fully autonomous vehicles in the next 5-6 years.

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