The Audi E-Tron GT made its official debut in February this year when it was unveiled to a global online audience. Due to the unstable coronavirus situation in many countries around the world, the Porsche Taycan’s brother from another mother never actually received a proper public debut. But that was until now.

Audi Bulgaria held an official reveal event where the electric car was displayed in range-topping RS form. Currently, the country’s lockdown is somewhat eased and this allowed the local division of the German brand to gather media representatives and popular public guests at a private venue in Sofia, where the RS E-Tron GT was shown for the first time. Audi Bulgaria said this is the first (and so far only) location in Europe where the EV has been revealed to the public.

Gallery: Audi RS E-Tron GT public debut in Sofia, Bulgaria

"With the Audi RS E-Tron GT, we want to show how inspiring electric mobility can be. We confidently say that this is an emotional and iconic model that outlines the foundations of the future in the electrification of the automotive industry. This is where we want to be and where the consumers themselves want to be," Marcus Tatzer, CEO of Audi’s official importer for Bulgaria, said during the event.

The E-Tron GT and RS E-Tron GT are already available for orders in many places around the world. In the United States, prices for the base Premium Plus model start at $99,900, while the range-topping RS version kicks off at $139,900, not including the $7,500 federal income-tax credit, which Audi still qualifies for.

For comparison, in Bulgaria, the E-Tron GT costs at least 203,876 levs (approximately $125,000 at the current exchange rates), while the RS E-Tron GT starts from 276,827 levs (almost $170,000). The country doesn’t have electric vehicle incentives or government subsidies.

Audi’s new all-electric sedan will start arriving in North American dealers this summer, though we don’t know the exact schedule yet. In case you are interested, follow this link for the full pricing details.

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