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With certain parts of the country seeing the COVID situation slowly improve, dealerships are looking for ways to lure in consumers. While the 24-hour test drive has gained steam, CarMax recently changed the game with its latest promotion, bringing Dunkin’ Donuts into the automotive game.

Available now through May 16, customers who participate in a CarMax 24-Hour Test Drive will receive a $10 Dunkin’ gift card. Participating CarMax locations will also give prospective buyers a checklist of ideas to guarantee that they get the most out of the experience.

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“At CarMax, we believe the car-buying experience should be as enjoyable as possible while ensuring customers feel confident with their decision, which is why we introduced 24-Hour Test Drives as part of CarMax’s Love Your Car Guarantee,” said the vice president of marketing at CarMax Sarah Lane in a recent BusinessWire article.

While it would be easy to dismiss the donut initiative as a low-stakes ploy to increase foot traffic at its showrooms, CarMax's decision to sweeten its 24-hour test drive could provide the push customers need to spend more time with the car before they buy. Think of the last time that you test drove a car for that 20-minute experience; you probably never had the chance to do any of the things that you would do on a normal day because of the limited scope. 

“You never truly know if a car is right for you until you’ve taken it through a Dunkin’ drive-thru, said the director of brand engagement at Dunkin’ Melanie Rabino to BusinessWire.

Regardless of whether you prefer Krispy Kreme donuts or you are supporting the certified-pre-owned program at your local dealership, it’s clear that the 24-hour test drive is here to stay. We’re looking forward to seeing the endless possibilities of restaurants joining forces with other automakers; maybe Chick-fil-a can hop in next?

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