Many people have no idea the Skoda Octavia is actually based on the Volkswagen Golf. Seeing how much bigger the Czech model is compared to Wolfsburg’s bestseller, that’s not really a surprise. Have you ever wondered why Skoda doesn’t have a traditional compact hatchback in its lineup though? Here’s our theory.

Volkswagen probably won’t be happy to lose some (many?) of its customers from a brand that’s within the same team. This is what we call cannibalization in the automotive industry and the Germans are well aware Skoda could steal big portions of the pie if it builds its own version of the Golf. Hence, the Octavia is bigger and aimed at a different customer group.

Of course, Skoda has the Scala hatchback, which is just a few centimeters larger than the Golf MK8. You are probably tempted to say the Scala is Skoda’s answer to the Golf, but that’s not exactly the case as the latter is a more technologically advanced vehicle with better equipment and more powerful engines. This finally leads us to the topic of this article.

The image you see at the top of this page is a virtual rendering of Skoda’s upcoming compact electric vehicle. It represents the Czech firm’s take on the Volkswagen ID.3 with a distinctive, Enyaq iV-inspired design. Basically, if the preliminary reports are correct, this will be Skoda’s compact EV hatch that will be allowed to rival the ID.3. Well, at least to a certain extent. 

What will differentiate the two cars? Obviously, the ID.3 will remain the more expensive alternative offered with more optional features. In return, Skoda’s compact EV will get some of the brand’s “Simply Clever” solutions in an attempt to attract practical-minded customers.

Will this be a winning formula? Only time will tell but it is believed Skoda will unveil its all-electric hatchback in 2024. Given that, we are likely to learn more in the coming months and years, so stay tuned.

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