Here in the United States, automotive advertising has rapidly become widespread over the majority of current social media platforms. However, it may not surprise you to see that other countries apply a very different approach when it comes to selling the same vehicles.

This simple and cute advertisement from Honda of Canada is referencing the front and rear heated seats in the latest Civic model. While the video is only seven seconds long, it accomplishes everything that you would expect from a normal advert – including cute cartoon birds of course.

The plethora of social media channels that exist nowadays has completely changed advertising strategy – even outside of the automotive industry. With attention spans at an all-time low and media consumption at an all-time high, it’s clear that automakers are having to improvise adapt and overcome. Even outside of this YouTube video, it’s clear that many advertising avenues like billboards and television are quickly being outpaced.

Having said that, advertisements during major sporting events – especially the Super Bowl – are clearly becoming the exception to the rule. With millions of people watching the broadcast, it’s hardly surprising that the ad space features major automakers from the United States.

Semantics aside, this short and sweet advertisement from Honda of Canada is a great reminder that these types of advertisements don’t have to be quite so long or complicated. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the current automotive advertising scene in the comments below.

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