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Any automotive enthusiast worth their salt is likely committed to keeping their pride and joy clean. Regardless of how often you give your vehicle a bath, it can prove to be a very therapeutic experience for many petrolheads. The Detail Geek recently published a video of him giving his personal Ford F-150 Raptor some exterior TLC.

The video starts with a lengthy powerwash to rid the Raptor of the mud and grime stuck to the exterior. After a blast of high-pressure water, the truck already looked miles better; surprisingly, the majority of dirt actually came from the underside of the vehicle following an undercarriage wash.

Following the initial decontamination, The Detail Geek used a foam cannon to safely wash the exterior without any risk of scratching the paint. After rinsing off the thick foam, the rest of the wash was business as usual when it comes to these videos. With the exterior done and dusted, the interior received some much-needed love. 

Sure, the cockpit wasn’t nearly as filthy as the exterior, but there were still some areas that needed looking after. After power washing the rubber floormats and giving them a thorough scrub, every inch of carpet received a thorough vacuum. Like most detail videos, every surface on the vehicle received ceramic coating or 303 aerospace protectant – a product normally reserved for the boating industry – to make future wash jobs that much easier.

The final result predictably leaves the truck looking like it’s ready to leave the showroom. It’s great to see someone who is equally committed to cleaning their truck as they are getting it dirty in the mud.

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