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When it comes to a vehicle as rare and expensive as the Bugatti Chiron, even a minor incident grabs the attention of motoring enthusiasts. That's especially true when the Chiron in question is a Pur Sport, slated for a global production run of just 60 vehicles. Apparently, a minor incident did occur recently in Missouri, but not at the hands of a Bugatti owner. This was reportedly a Bugatti-owned demo car on a test drive. Ouch.

Before going further, some disclosure is required. Sources for this crash are limited and we've been unable to confirm information. contacted Bugatti, which didn't respond to our request at the time of publication. We also spoke with a dealership in St. Louis that was allegedly the staging location for the Pur Sport, but a representative was unfamiliar with the incident. The Bugatti appears to be the same media vehicle we drove back in February, so it could've been in transition from one location to another. If we learn anything new, we will certainly update the article.

Here's what we do know. A YouTuber and Reddit member with the curious username MrBigpoops shared a short video on April 1 showing a gray Chiron Pur Sport on the side of the road, with a Toyota Corolla visible well off the road facing the opposite direction. According to the Reddit thread, the crash happened on Highway 40 in Chesterfield. We can't see any obvious damage to the Bugatti, though the thread claims there was grass and debris on the front fascia, and the Chiron's wheel gap looked uneven.


The above Instagram post from KRN Speed claims to have considerably more information. The Pur Sport allegedly hit the Toyota from behind, which was also mentioned in the Reddit thread. KRN Speed goes on to say the Bugatti driver lost control and was speeding prior to the crash, though the basis for these claims is unclear. The Instagram post is a bit more ... colorful in describing the situation, and it also lists the collision as occurring on April 2, which comes after the Reddit and YouTube posts on April 1. As such, we advise a grain of salt when it comes to details.

Ultimately, it appears there were no injuries, and from what we see in the Instagram post, the damage is light on both sides. However, with the sticker price of a Chiron Pur Sport nearly $4 million, even minor damage is surely a major expense.

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