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UPDATE: Lexus confirms the 2022 Lexus LS500h gets Lexus Teammate advanced driver assistance technology, which is the name for Advanced Drive in the US market. It includes the SAE Level 2 functionality with partial hands-free, eyes-on-the-road operation. There's also hands-free parking.


Toyota launches a new suite of assistance tech that goes by the rather generic name Advanced Drive. It debuts in Japan first on the Lexus LS and Toyota Mirai. Toyota confirms to that the automaker plans to offer this system on the 2022 Lexus LS 500h in the US.

Advanced Drive uses millimeter-wave radar, stereo camera, telescopic camera, LiDAR, and high-precision maps. Toyota's goal for this system is that "drivers and cars act as partners to protect one another so that drivers can enjoy the experience of driving while deferring to automated driving at times." When the sensors detect potential danger, it warns the driver. That person can then either agree with Advanced Drive's proposal of what to do or the person behind the wheel can take control of the vehicle.

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On highways, Advanced Drive can safely control the vehicle, including changing lanes and overtaking traffic. When passing, the driver has to hold the steering wheel and approve the system to make the maneuver. During the overtake, the system can move the vehicle within the lane to create adequate space to the left or right.

When driving along on-ramps,  the sensors detect whether other vehicles are merging onto the road, the system can identify the traffic and slow down to let drivers onto the highway.

Advanced Drive supports over-the-air software updates to add functions and update existing ones. In Japan, the exterior cameras will collect driving data and will send it back to Toyota. The company will use the data to improve the tech.

Pricing for the 2022 LS 500h with Advanced Drive in the US is not yet available. In Japan, the tech is available on the LS 500h in the L grade for 16,320,000 yen ($149,579 at current exchange rates) and on the Executive trim for 17,940,000 yen ($164,427). The tech is on the Z version of the Mirai for 8,450,000 yen ($77,468) and the Z Executive Package for 8,600,000 ($78,843).

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