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Make no mistake, Sean Evans and Vaughn Gittin Jr. are two very different people. Evans hosts the YouTube show Hot Ones, interviewing guests while eating increasingly spicy chicken wings, while Vaughn’s day job involves hooning some of the craziest cars on the planet. Ford Performance recently posted a video where the duo tries to capture the essence of the Mustang Mach-E 1400 in a hot sauce.

In reproducing such a scintillating experience, Gittin Jr. took the internet’s hot-sauce liaison for a quick spin around the Charlotte Motor Speedway road course – also referred to as the roval. After a smoky and sideways lap of the track, we see the guys taking on the shock and awe of a full plate of hot wings dressed in the special sauce.

Along with his RTR performance brand and success on the race track, we’d wager that this wasn’t Vaughn’s first rodeo with spicy food. With both of their reactions, it’s clear that the Mach-E 1400 hot sauce was worth the effort. 

While the sauce wasn’t quite as scream-inducing for Evans as the ride in the electric super chariot, it supposedly provided excellent flavor with a heavy kick on the finish – high marks for any hot sauce. To offer some perspective, the video demonstrated that the focal point of the flavor profile is charred earth. Flavor aside, it’s clear that this sauce isn’t lacking in the Scoville department, putting both Evans and Vaughn in a heat haze.

Unfortunately, Ford deemed the hot sauce as too spicy for consumption/sale, but we’d wager that prospective buyers would be all over it. Therefore, we wouldn’t hold out on getting a complimentary bottle after getting the keys to a Mach-E, but that would certainly be quite the promotion.

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