A 52-year-old woman managed to keep her Audi Q3 after fighting with a car thief who almost drove off with the crossover.

While unlocking a car park barrier, Deborah Smythe left the door of her Audi Q3 open and immediately a car thief jumped on the driver's seat and tried to get away. However, it was a bad move as the woman was bold enough to go after the thief and despite the carjacker's attempt to get rid of her by reversing the Q3, the determined woman refused to let go of her car and eventually forced the thief to flee the scene.

The footage was captured by a CCTV installed at a gym on Ripponden road in West Yorkshire, UK and according to members of the family Mrs Smythe had €700 and her passport inside the car, necessary for a trip to Tenerife which she still embarked on later the same day.

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