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Hollywood is full of actors with big car collections, but few are as passionate about the car scene as Tim Allen. Similarly, few are as hands-on as Allen, and even fewer have legitimate racing experience to their credit. The star of Last Man Standing, Home Improvement, and numerous blockbuster films can claim all of the above.

Recently, the Petersen Museum visited Allen's private garage in California and produced not one, but two videos showcasing the experience. Part one plays at the top of the article while part two plays below, but feel free to watch them in any order you like. The content isn't episodic in nature, and whether you start with the first or second video, there's plenty of automotive eye candy to appreciate.

If you do start with the first video, you'll be introduced to a range of curious vehicles. The clip takes us past his Tesla Model 3 (which he acknowledges is one of the fastest cars he owns but has a love-hate relationship with) and hones in on his classic Ford Bronco. Also in that section of the garage are two cars you may not associate with the muscle-loving Allen; a curious Volkswagen Karmann Ghia with Porsche parts, and a Volvo P1800 that looks absolutely fantastic.

Things quickly get back to normal with a classic Ford F100 restomod that looks fiendish in black, parked next to another fiendishly black B-body Chevrolet Impala SS. It's not an ordinary Impala, however, as under the hood is a rare LT5 DOHC 32-valve 5.7-liter V8 used in the C4 Corvette ZR-1. Other notable appearances in the first video include the first sleeper-cab semi-truck built by Studebaker, a mint Ford RS200 rally car, and more Ford love with a new GT and Shelby GT 350R.

The second video is perhaps more in line with Allen's persona of big V8 power, opening with a classic Shelby Mustang GT350H and shifting to a couple of Cadillacs. It's not all V8 glory, because Allen also has a beautiful Jaguar E-Type in his collection. It's parked next to an extremely rare 1970.5 Ford Falcon, which was sold in America very briefly as part of the Torino lineup. He still has a couple of the hot rods built during his tenure as Tim "the toolman" Taylor on Home Improvement, and the collection wraps up with a restomod Camaro and a pair of classic Porsches.

Sadly, we don't get to see his Chevrolet Corvair, which was undergoing work during the shoot. Perhaps the cameras can swing by for a third video that shows the quirky rear-engined car exclusively.

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