All eyes are on the 2022 Toyota GR 86 today, but there's news to share on the BRZ front as well. Subaru is officially taking orders for the rear-wheel-drive coupe starting this week at home in Japan, and while that's not exactly breaking news, there are some tidbits worth noting. The latter half of the Toyobaru duo is already being teased in JDM specification with several factory add-ons.

Those who feel the BRZ doesn't look aggressive enough should know the Japanese version of the sports coupe can be had with a carbon fiber rear wing and 18-inch BBS forged wheels. Not only that, but Subaru is also offering a front fender garnish along with a beefier front spoiler lip, sportier rear skirt, and additional aero enhancements.

Gallery: 2022 Subaru BRZ with factory add-ons (JDM)

Alternatively, you can swap out the look-at-me rear wing for a more subtle trunk lid spoiler. The factory add-ons are more than just for show as Subaru is also offering a performance exhaust system, although it doesn't say whether the BRZ packs a few more horses compared to the stock version. As a reminder, the second-gen model has a larger 2.4-liter engine with 228 hp on tap for the US model, which is actually slightly lower than the JDM-spec BRZ rated at 232 hp.

Pop the hood and you'll immediately notice an upgrade. No, it’s not the turbocharger some people have been demanding for years. A flexible V bar can be ordered at an additional cost to increase the car's rigidity and sharpen up handling especially when pushing the car hard through the corners. Rounding off the changes is an extra set of LED daytime running lights mounted within the trim piece of the front air intakes.

We're expecting the equivalent Toyota GR 86 to also offer similar factory upgrades once it goes on sale in Japan this fall. Time will tell whether the North American versions will be optionally offered with these goodies, but you can rest assured there will be hotter derivatives later in the life cycle.

The BRZ is scheduled to hit stateside this fall and we're not expecting any significant changes in terms of pricing. It could cost a little bit more than the outgoing model ($28,845) and the minor price bump is likely going to be reflected in the GR 86's starting price as well, increasing from today's $27,060 sticker.

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