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In 1981, the FIA proposed rules allowing Group C cars into the World Endurance Championship. Meanwhile, IMSA – the premiere American endurance racing series – decided to introduce a new racing class referred to as Grand Touring Prototypes (GTP). More recently, entrepreneur and car enthusiast Casey Putsch is building his vision of the Viper V10-powered Nissan GTP car that never materialized.

To offer some perspective, Nissan and Mazda left the sport after facing criticism from privateer teams that the governing body allowed works teams to dominate the series – a decision which eventually led to the demise of GTP in 1993. History lesson over, there was one race car from the era that was never built.


While Dodge briefly competed in endurance racing with its SRT Viper GT3-R, the American automaker never competed in the GTP class. That’s why Putsch and his team at Genius Garage are assembling his interpretation of a Viper-powered prototype. The 8.0-liter V10 engine in this example will then be fitted to a Porsche 996 Twin Turbo transaxle to cope with the extra grunt. All of these components will then be connected to a Nissan chassis, which is identical to the same championship-winning cars of that era.

“Most people think the days of Jim Hall, Jack Brabham, and Dan Gurney are over, I say they are not,” said Putsch. While many would argue that the engine is the centerpiece of this race car, Putsch has aspirations to experiment with an active aerodynamic fan to give the car even more ridiculous levels of downforce – the GTP cars already allegedly made more downforce than an ‘80s F1 car.

While the idea of a fan car is incredibly exciting, we’d be remiss not to mention that the downforce they produce is very dependent on the side-skirts sealing the floor of the car flat to the race track. Regardless, we’re very excited to find out how the final car will look and sound. With Genius Garage’s track record of successful projects, we’d wager that the future looks bright for this machine. 

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