A virtually new yet significantly damaged Porsche 991 GT3 is now up for grabs.

Porsche is asking €137,303 for the latest 911 GT3 before adding any optional equipment but it's probably still a better deal than to purchase this wrecked car which costs €49,900. It doesn't even matter that it has all the optional goodies possible as getting the car back into shape is a time-consuming and overly expensive process that's just not worth it.

This right-hand drive 911 GT3 is only four months old and has been driven for just 156 km (97 miles) but somehow the owner managed to severely wreck it. The only good news is the engine is ok and has already been removed from the car, but bills will certainly add up after replacing the rear suspension, rear wheels & tires, fixing up the body and doing all the other necessary repairs. Even if someone is courageous enough to go through all this trouble, at the end of the day it will be a rebuilt car.

Barely driven yet heavily crashed Porsche 991 GT3 costs €49,900