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Electric Days Digital, an online week-long event showcasing electrification in the automotive sector and strategies to reduce emissions, generated over 147,000 sessions to promote electric vehicles and the ecological transition of mobility.

Running from the 8th – 12th February, Electric Days Digital was targeted and promoted towards the Italian automotive market. Backed by the City of Rome, the week consisted of 65 sessions hosted by 55 high-profile Italian speakers, such as entrepreneur and founder of Eataly Oscar Farinetti,  founder of Fully Charged Robert Llewellyn, and Oscar-winner Giorgio Moroder. The event discusses all elements of becoming environmentally friendly inside and outside the automotive industry. As Italy’s biggest event dedicated to promoting and raising awareness of sustainability in the automotive sector, the show was highly successful.


Whilst spreading awareness about the sustainable future of automotive, the event also intended to help users get onto the electric vehicle ladder, taking positive steps and helping the audience understand what cars that are already available would suit their lifestyles. Using the new buying tool from Electric Days, audiences could find cars that suited their needs as well as explore some of the technology that is currently available in the growing electric vehicle market.

Over 20 manufacturers were involved in the event, showcasing their electric vehicles and increasing interest in future automotive projects. These manufacturers included Jaguar, Toyota, Mercedes, Fiat, Suzuki, BMW, and Renault. Utilizing the Electric Days buying tool, over 600 leads were generated between customers and manufacturers through test drives and quotes for a new car. This successful pairing of customers to brands was a strong success that emerged from the week-long event.

Electric Days Digital 2021 production

In addition to 147,000 sessions directly generated on the platform, external coverage boosted the reach to over five million users producing over 569,000 video views.  Partnering with Motorsport Network and Condé Nast Italia publishing group, the event was covered on,, Wired, Vanity Fair, and GQ, making the tools and information available at the event accessible to a wider global audience.

All of the interviews, talks, and information from the Electric Days Digital event can be viewed on-demand at:

Electric Days Digital 2021 with Alessandro Lago

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