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As a global company, Ford Motor Company has partnered with Chinese automakers to produce vehicles that are endemic to the People's Republic – a similar move to what Volkswagen has been doing to reduce friction costs. Some of those Blue Oval love-children have already made it out of China such as the Ford Territory.

The youngest of those cars is the Ford Equator, which was introduced to the world around a week ago. The unibody SUV features an interesting design and a loud color to boot, along with a fancy cabin.

Gallery: 2021 Ford Equator

Now, you've seen the press images, it's time to gander at the Equator and get to know it in detail through this in-depth look by Wheelsboy. Of note, the Equator is larger than the Ranger-based Everest SUV that's sold in the ASEAN markets, while sitting below the Explorer in terms of overall size.

As seen in the video atop this page, the Equator doesn't look too loud in the metal, as opposed to what you see in the gallery above. The design is a bit different than Ford's lineup in the US, though – not entirely surprising considering that the collaboration with Chinese companies meant a fusion infusion of inputs from both automakers.

But what piqued our interest is the Equator's interior. While the press images are enough to tell us that it has a fairly premium cabin, the video confirms it further. The six-seat layout is crowned by dual 12.3-inch screens a la Mercedes-Benz. There are also wood trims to increase the luxurious vibe, while space shouldn't be questionable considering China's thirst for vehicles with huge cabins.

The Ford Equator will be sold in China starting March 28, but it won't be a long shot to see it in other countries considering that its little brother, the Territory, has already made it overseas.

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