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Dredd-heads, rejoice. A car has appeared on Craigslist and you might want to add it to your geeky collection. 

With a Land Rover 101 Forward Control base vehicle, the particular vehicle for sale on the listings site is one of the several units of prop taxis for the 1995 American action/sci-fi movie, Judge Dredd. But it does come at a price.

Priced at $25,000 (or best offer), this once movie star didn't end its life after the silver screen. According to the listing, this exact unit won at the 2003 CES for JBL Audio. Its motor still starts and runs, while the driver is positioned on the right side. We're not sure if you can drive this on public roads, though, as the title of the vehicle is said to be missing. It doesn't have an odometer as well.

Judge Dredd was directed by Danny Cannon and stars Sylvester Stallone, Diane Lane, and Rob Schneider. The premise was set in the future, in 2139 to be exact, depicting a fascist post-apocalypse, post-nuclear-war dystopian future society to which the law rests in the hands of Power Rangers on steroids.

Apparently, taxis are made by Land Rover in the future and they look like they're ready to take you anywhere – even where roads don't follow. In fact, the movie implied that the Green Oval is the only automaker that existed. Yes, that's product placement for you.

If you like the idea, this vehicle for sale on Craigslist should be perfect for you. Repurpose it as a show vehicle or add it to your collection, knock yourself out. No one will judge you. Just make sure to contact the seller ASAP via the source link below.

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