Ever since Porsche introduced the Taycan in September 2019, some people have been wondering whether there is a future for the Panamera in Zuffenhausen's lineup. The electric sedan recently spawned a Cross Turismo wagon – with a Sport Turismo likely not far behind – thus further overlapping in terms of size with the combustion-engined car. So, where does that leave the Panamera? As it turns out, a third generation could still happen.

Even though Porsche targets 80 percent of its annual sales to be electrified models by the end of the decade, the Panamera might stick around for a while. Company boss Oliver Blume told Autocar there's a good chance the ICE-powered model will be renewed: "I think it could work, because they are playing in different segments. The Panamera is one step higher than the Taycan."

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The head honcho went on to say Porsche will have to be careful as to avoid cannibalizing sales by making sure the models will be significantly differentiated. A potential third-gen Panamera, be it a plug-in hybrid or fully electric, would be fancier and significantly larger than the Taycan on sale today so that it wouldn't step on its toes.

If the plan is to ditch the ol' combustion engine, a Panamera EV will most likely ride on the PPE platform debuting in 2022 with the next Macan and the Audi Q6 E-Tron. The newly developed architecture will be a step up from the VW Group's MEB by offering rear-wheel steering, air suspension, and torque vectoring.

Should the next Panamera retain a traditional gasoline engine, it means Porsche will further electrify the model by extending its EV range beyond the current model's zero-emissions capabilities. When the company said 80 percent of its sales will be represented by "electrified" models by 2030, it didn't refer strictly to pure EVs. It also took hybrids into account, which could very well include the next-gen Panamera and even a replacement for today's 992-gen 911 sports car.

As for the rest of the lineup, Porsche hasn't decided whether the successor to the 718 lineup will soldier on with ICEs or switch to electric power, but we do know the "baby 911" will get a next generation. An all-electric Cayenne has been under consideration for at least a couple of years, but don't expect to see it anytime soon.

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