The early marketing for the GMC Hummer EV focuses on putting the electric truck into the hands of influential people who are leaders in their fields. After already letting LaBron James show off the pickup, the automaker now asks renowned American interior designer Kelly Wearstler to create the ultimate garage for the vehicle.

Wearstler puts her ideal space for the Hummer EV in the desert of Southern California. Driving up to the building, first reveals a polished bronze gate that reflects the vehicle back at the driver. Its design when opening also subtly refers to the H in the emblem.

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The exterior of the garage has a hexagonal structure with a clear portion bisecting the building. The driveway goes down into the building, and the walls on each side progressively light up to greet the vehicle.

Once inside, a circular elevator lowers, and it rotates while lifting the Hummer EV into the main part of the space. Up there, the color scheme is very neutral and takes cues from the views of nature on the outside. Alternating off-white and beige wood panels create a pattern on the floor. The furniture includes a chair and table with an organic shape, in addition to a stone coffee table.

Don't worry about charging because there's a location for that in this space, too. The result is a location where your Hummer EV is always in sight.

Wearstler is an interior designer to the stars, like Ben Stiller, Gwen Stefani, and Cameron Diaz. She has also appeared on Architectural Digest's influential AD100 list twice and was the host of Bravo's Top Design reality show.

If pickups don't do anything for you, but you like everything else about the Hummer EV, then the SUV variant debuts on April 3, 2021. By enclosing the cargo bed, there might be room for a third row of seats. If not, then buyers would at least benefit from increased enclosed cargo space. The powertrain shouldn't change at all.

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