It's true that we still haven't seen the Ferrari Purosangue with its actual production body. The latest series of spy photos and video we have here features a test mule with the skin of a Maserati Levante, though it's not exactly a Maserati. Proportions are tweaked because the Purosangue doesn't share its platform with anything, and that's really what Ferrari is exercising here.

This round of catch the Ferrari actually features two very different locations. The above video from Varryx on YouTube takes us to the warmth of Fiorano near Ferrari's Maranello headquarters, where the Purosangue's powertrain is getting a very thorough workout. The short-but-sweet clip gives us everything from glowing brake rotors to a bit of oversteer in the corners. Through it all the test vehicle looks remarkably flat considering its size. Perhaps best of all, there's absolutely no mistaking the aural delight of a Ferrari V12 engine as the prototype passes the camera. It might be an SUV, but it's still a Ferrari.

Gallery: Ferrari Purosangue Test Vehicle New Spy Shots

From Fiorano, our Ferrari spies move to the chilly air further north. Winter testing is wrapping up, and a test vehicle was captured on the move from tarmac to snow. In the photos, it's a bit easier to see the slightly longer hood and front clip as compared to the Levante. The Purosangue will carry its engine in a front-mid configuration, with the mass of the V12 resting just behind the front axle. The gearbox will be stationed at the back, thus giving the SUV a 50/50 weight distribution. Naturally, it will turn all four wheels, and like the GTC4Lusso it replaces, there should be comfortable accommodations for four adults inside.

Also like the GTC4Lusso, it's possible a V8 model will be offered though this spy video confirms a V12 option. As for when all our questions will be answered, there's still considerable development before we get to a reveal. It likely won't break cover until 2022 as a 2023 model.

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