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Over-the-air updates provide an easy and convenient way to modernize the technologies in your car. It’s still a relatively new process pioneered in the automotive industry by Tesla, but a few manufacturers are steadily implementing it in their customer services. Porsche is one of the early adopters with the Taycan all-electric sedan.

In September last year, the Stuttgart-based automaker updated the Taycan for the new model year, giving the zero-emission vehicle healthy improvements in the dynamics and charging departments, as well as more connected features. Now, the same updates will be applied to earlier Taycan models produced for the 2020 model year.

In fact, this won’t be a truly over-the-air update as Porsche says significant software optimizations, as well as transmission and drive components adaptations and calibrations need to be made. Given that, Porsche will ask 2020 Taycan owners to visit a Porsche Center to receive the complete update package free of charge.

One of the most significant updates optimizes the chassis control system, resulting in an improved slip control. In the Taycan Turbo S, this also improves the 0-124 miles per hour (0-200 kilometers per hour) acceleration to just 9.6 seconds when using Launch Control, or 0.2 seconds faster than before.

Another cool addition is the so-called Smartlift function. It concerns Taycans equipped with adaptive air suspension, which after the update can be programmed to automatically adjust its height depending on the location in order to avoid damage from road humps or garage driveways.

And in terms of infotainment, customers can look for an updated navigation system, as well as the addition of Apple Podcasts with video streaming for anyone who connects their Apple ID to the Taycan’s system. 

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